I am a PhD student at Stanford University working with Mark Cutkosky. research how robots can use the sense of touch to execute tasks more effectively in unstructured settings such as our homes. I develop robots equipped with tactile sensing that can safely and quickly make contact with objects and leverage this contact information for grasping or exploration of objects.

I am part of the Biomimetric and Dexterous Manipulation Lab, advised by Prof. Mark Cutkosky. Prior to my PhD, I was a Robotics System Engineer at Flexiv Robotics Inc. developing the mechatronics and controls of a 7 degrees-of-freedom torque-controlled robot arm for industrial task automation. I completed my undergraduate in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley with a focus in mechatronics and signals and systems.

I’m originally from Chile, from a small city in the north called Iquique (I’ve been told it looks like Tatooine). Outside of work I like to spend my free time going on fishing trips, baking bread and getting some fresh air on a hiking trail..

A city next to sand dunes.
Dunas de Cerro Dragon, Iquique, Chile
Four people holding yellowtail tuna standing in front of a fishing boat
Pedasí, Los Santos, Panamá